In the land of Learnsalot, learning is fun and knowledge is prized. The inhabitants are so happy and proud of this tradition, they call themselves Learnsalots. The Book of Knowledge contains the memories of and discoveries by the Learnsalots over generations and is regarded as the symbol of light.

A mischievous dragon becomes jealous of their happiness and smartness. To keep them in darkness and ignorance, the dragon stows away the Book of Knowledge. The intrepid and inquisitive Dilly Budd will have none of that, and sets out to recover the Book of Knowledge and rescue the light. Along the way, Dilly Budd meets other interesting characters, such as the constantly thinking Henry Head and the ever gambolling Georgina Greene (known as Gigi). Eventually, Dilly Budd tracks down the naughty dragon.  To halt the spread of darkness and descent of ignorance, Dilly Budd will not rest until the Book of Knowledge is restored to its rightful place for all the Learnsalots to enjoy.

Light must and will dispel darkness and ignorance.

Rescue of Light is a 3D user directed and interactive game for children.