In a secret magic nook,
if you know where to look,
little Buddies laugh a lot
in a land called Learnsalot.

Should you ever want to come,
you don’t have to walk a mile,
in a twinkle of an eye
you’ll be greeted with a smile.

You don’t need to bring a gift,
you are welcome as you are.
If your heart is made of gold
then true friendship will unfold.


”Dilly Budd have you not heard,
the news is still quite blurred.
The baker’s hat’s been shaken,
our Book’s been taken
by a monster with huge claws
and evil nasty jaws.
It scoffed all our food,
it’s a dragon most rude!”

Rescue of Light, Dilly Budd Adventures, Freddy the frog

”Dilly Budd this is not a joke,
I'm so scared, I could hardly croak.”